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The History People - World War 2

Educational history tours

The Second World War Experience

Get the closest possible insight into what life during this gruesome battle between the English and the Germans was really like in Brighton, the Britain at War Experience recreates the London Blitz.

Want to know more about WW2? Experience a battle field tour

 In all its fury with special effects highlighting the sights and sounds, the artefacts, and even the dust and smoke of an air raid at its height.

Take the lift to the London Underground air raid shelter and see where thousands spent sleepless nights.

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world war 2 tourWorld War One Tours

The battlefields of the Somme and Ypres saw the shedding of the blood of almost one million British and Commonwealth soldiers during the First World War.

Their names are synonymous with the horrors and sufferings of that conflict and the size of the monuments to the Missing at Thiepval, the Menin Gate and Tyne Cot are testament to the scale of devastation of human life.

Our popular range of Discovery tours are designed to be a cross between a personal tailored tour and a standard tour.

Whilst we offer a standard itinerary, on all of our tours, we are delighted to accommodate any special requests to visit cemeteries or locations that might be personal to you, your family or friends.  

World War 2

History on: Patton’s thrust into Germany

In 1944 the Germans feared one Allied general above all others Patton. 

He was rated as the most aggressive of the opposition they faced and they were certain he would be chosen to lead the invasion of Europe. 

As a result he was held back as part of Operation Fortitude, the deception plan protecting the Normandy landings, and had to wait until the end of July before coming into action.

When he took over Operation Cobra, the breakout from Normandy, the Germans’ worst fears were realised as he smashed their defences and chased them across France slowing only when supplies ran out.

Travelling across France from the Atlantic coast to the German border loosely following the ‘Rue de la Liberation’ (Liberty Highway).

A distance of some 719 miles, we visit many of the important sites associated with Patton including his grave in Luxembourg American Cemetery, the Patton museum and we trace his route to the rescue of the beleaguered troops in the Bastogne.