History People

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Teaching key stage 1

Lesson plans

Subject: History
Introduction (15 minutes)
Using the interactive whiteboard, teacher to model opening up of website. Revise, as a whole class, the features of the front page, including the icons.

Independent Activity (35 minutes)
Explain task. Children to read the ‘Exhibition Has Been Great’ article and to answer the following questions (this could be given on a pre-prepared sheet for children to complete):

  • What was the Great Exhibition? What was its purpose?
  • What was special about the building?
  • Where did it take place?
  • How many people visited the exhibition?
  • How long was it open for? When did it close?
  • Name two famous people that visited the exhibition.
  • Why was a special police force put together?

Extension Activities

  • Children to record the ‘most interesting fact’ they found in the article.
  • Children to create own questions to share in the plenary, using witness statements.