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Key stage 1 teachers

Every article or story which appears on this website and the associated CD-ROM is based on real newspaper archive material, primary historical sources, archaeological finds and other contemporary sources.

 In all cases professional journalists have used this material and rewritten it to suit the target audience.

Where possible we have included the original newspaper report with the aim of allowing teachers to show the difference between a contemporary source and our interpretation.

The adverts on the website and CD-ROM are not genuine adverts but set out to give a feel the era. The associated text has been gathered by professional journalists based on reputable primary and secondary sources.

Newspaper editions in Each Era

The six Roman headlines are:

  • Sick Travellers Seek Cure (theme: Everyday Life) - this theme covers how the Romans lived day to day. 
  • Boudicca's Deathly Defeat (theme: The Brits) - how the tribal people of Britain lived before and during the Roman occupation. 
  • Fire Sweeps through Roma (theme: Ancient Rome) - events and developments at the centre of the Roman Empire. 
  • Girl Gladiator Gored (theme: Entertainment and Culture) - how the Romans entertained themselves 
  • Hadrian's Wall Is Complete (theme: Build It, Use It) - the impact of Roman buildings and technology. 
  • Romans Invade Britannia  (theme: Conquest) - all about Roman military life. 
  • Education and food stories are featured in the last two pages of each themed paper.


The six Tudor headlines are:

  • Amazing New Land Is Found (theme: Exploration) - stories about how the Tudors explored so much of the World.
  • Will The King Marry Again? (theme: Henry and His Family) - The convoluted personal lives of Henry and his family are examined here.
  • Marlowe Stabbed to Death (theme: Culture) - arts and entertainment in Tudor times.
  • Execution for Sir Thomas (theme: Religion) - one of the key issues of the period is explored here.
  • Spanish Armada Is Defeated! (theme: War) - from the Battle of Bosworth to the Spanish Armada.
  • Lifeline for Poor Families - the contrast between rich and poor and much more.
  • Sport and food stories are featured in the last two pages of each themed paper.