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The History People

A site packed with guidance and tools to help schools design a history curriculum that inspires and challenges all their learners. Our Key Stage 1 resources out the knowledge and skills that are important for children to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Schools bring learning to life, raise aspirations and help children meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

This site covers topics on some of the most historic moments in the world and provides resources for a number of age groups.

We provide history learning resources for all age groups:

Helpful prompts for CEG staff preparing for OFSTED inspections. key stage resources site

We have developed a suite of exciting and engaging online resources to enliven science lessons at Key Stage One. Contains an in-depth examination of careers curriculum planning, model schemes of work, assessments of learning, teaching and learning styles and evaluations.

The arguments of Kavanagh against the idea of a ‘Civic culture’ in Britain are similar to the extract’s idea of ‘older values merging with modern values’ instead of solid deference within Britain. It has been argued that with constitutional reform, the influence of the monarchy has declined which may have had some affect on the current political culture of Britain. While Britain was ruled by a monarchy, the culture of the country would have been very different.

For additional information on Key stage 1 teachers go to ks1 teachers page.

Combining up-to-date geographical research with taster online lessons led by well known faces in the media, they will are an essential resource for teaching about the new national curriculum for KS1.

To be outstanding by achieving for each individual their optimum quality of life.

Booklet produced by the Careers Education Support Programme and published jointly with the KS1. Gives details of all the professional french lessons qualifications in England for CEG teachers.

A powerpoint presentation about the introduction of EMAs to Year 11 students. Poses and answers ten top questions about CEG and lists some key information sources. A guide to self evaluation, adapted from the OFSTED Self Evaluation framework.

o make sure that fallen Adam and his spouse would not live forever in a state of slavery to external mechanical laws, a band of energy (called symbolically "a flaming sword") kept the pair from the tree of life, thus allowing them to escape their eternal slavery by entry into death.

We are dedicated to supporting learning,disabled people in all aspects of life.
We will provide a service of the highest quality and value with the direct focus on meeting the individual needs of each person.

I am fully supportive of all forms of education. I do not however have enough time to provide this service free to Colleges, and I have hence now closed the site.

In recent years Scargill has been a meeting point for different perspectives and dialogue as communities and individuals grapple with the issues of the day. It has for example, been behind the award winning “MythBusters” programme that has brought together groups of children from different cultural and religious backgrounds.